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We are experts since more than 10 years. Do you remember xServe? We were using it.

Apple Silicon is a revolution for servers

The new M1 processor made by Apple is a revolution in the technology sector not seen since more than 15 years. The performance is incredible and the amount of energy used is ridiculously low. The benefits for web applications are huge. You save money by using less power and you can do things much faster.

High performance servers

The new Mac mini powered by Apple Silicon is a stunning server able to handle any type of application. The Mac Pro option is mostly used by video professionals.

Security and privacy

Apple care a lot about privacy and security. Encryption of data, identification solutions are needed everywhere. Let us help you to setup the best practices.

Easy to use

You just plug a Mac server and it works. No blue screen of the death like Windows, no virus, easy administration tools. You will just live in the future now!

Many options

We can help you to setup Mac servers. We can install SSL certificates, manage MAP PRO settings, install applications and more. What is your need?

We are ready to help

With our experience of this technology, we can solve your problem or help to build your ideas.

Looking to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Apple Silicon, you can visit the official website presenting all details or the website or our partner

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