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  • Feb 16
    News New YouTube channel

    We are inviting you to discover our new channel where you can see our solutions. 

  • Feb 15
    News Improved support website

    As we believe that great technical support is key to strong user satisfaction, we tweaked many things. You can add attachments to your support requests, even to your replies (an account is needed). You will automatically receive notifications of answers and you can close a ticket when a problem is solved. We love feedback and new ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Jan 12
    Opinions ExpressionEngine Expert

    When ExpressionEngine was sold to PacketTide by EllisLab, we were a bit worried about the future of this content management system.

    ExpressionEngine is often called EECMS. It's open source and compatible with many servers, included Mac servers. It's based on PHP and MYSQL and it's compatible, optimized for the latest versions. Version 6 is available since January 2021 and we are just delighted by it. The user interface and the features are great. It's a pleasure to use it. 

    It's the most powerful, secure and easy to use CMS in the market. Period. Wordpress is the main competitor but the UI/UX is too complicated and the code base is outdated. With ExpressionEngine and the great concept of channels and tags for html templates, you can build dynamics website, international versions too.

    The future of ExpressionEngine is bright and we are a strong expert of it. We have more than 7 years of experience, building different type of websites or web apps. Feel free to ask a quote about our development services and check the EECMS website. You will be impressed and delighted by what you will see.


  • Jan 06
    News macpodium.com is open

    Macpodium.com is a new online service that we built for users of kiosk applications. It's allowing IT administrators to create a portal for kiosk applications. 
    It's easy to add content with a very simple user interface. 

  • Dec 21
    News Happy holidays, updated branding

    We wish everyone a nice holidays period and we all hope to see a more gentle 2021 year ahead.

    For the holidays, we had a refresh of our branding with a more vibrant logo. The wheel is also a wink to the industry as you hate to reinvent the wheel when you do coding but sometimes you have too 😊 

  • Jun 09
    News Shopify expert

    We recently added Shopify as a main skillset. For a customer, we made a very modern online store with many unique features. We decided to use Shopify as the main platform. Why? The level of options and the quality of the user experience is mind blowing. In less than a month, we became expert of the platform and extensions compatible with it. If you have any e-commerce website to build, feel free to contact us. You will be surprised by the possibilities and the cost.

  • Jun 07
    Opinions Welcome to macOS Big Sur and Macs with Apple Silicon

    Yesterday was an historic day for Apple. So many news and updates in the WWDC keynote. We loved it.

    Clearly, the new Macs with Apple Silicon is a new challenge for the Apple community but the consistency will be stronger than ever at the end of the process. We are predicting a slowdown of Mac purchases for the next two years. Consumers are going to have a wait and see observation period. It's our guess but maybe we are wrong on that. We downloaded and tested macOS Big Sur and we love it. It's a nice refresh, a nice update of macOS UI/UX but we also observed a lot of problems and a lot of weird choices.

    • Sheet windows are finally gone
    • The open dialog is different and feels a bit strange
    • The icons of macOS applications or system preferences seems designed by a student, Apple can do much better
    • We love the new icons in toolbars
    • Selected tabs have a new UI/UX and the focus of the selected tab is not enough strong

    We tested few applications and everything seems right. A public beta in July seems a bit too early on our opinion. Anyway, we are available to help you understanding the consequences of all these big changes. 

  • Mar 11
    News We all work from home

    With the COVI-19 crisis, all our team members are working from home and we are fully committed to continue helping the Apple community.

    Feel free to contact us for any projects or needs related to Apple platforms.

  • Feb 04
    News Welcome to the new version of MacProline

    We are happy to offer a new version of MacProline website. High quality, simplicity, everything was rebuilt for the best service!

    MacProline is a team of Apple Experts at your service. Do not hesitate to send your questions, we will be happy to help.

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