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  • Jan 24 2023
    MacVitamin is now MacZoom

    MacZoom 3.0 is a complete rewrite with a modern engine, a beautiful user experience and great features. If you had a MacVitamin account, you need to create a new one. As a wink to the Mac, we decided to release this update on the main birthday of the Mac platform. Happy anniversary!

  • Jan 13 2023
    Introducing EasyGantt 5

    The new version is available in two versions. BASIC and PRO. EasyGantt 5 is a complete rewrite, built for collaborative project management. It's available for Mac, Windows and Linux!  NOTE: because of many technology challenges, files of version 4.2 and older versions cannot be converted.

  • Jan 02 2023
    Introducing WebStats 1.0 and SmartURL 1.0 services

    At the beginning of this year, we are very happy to introduce two new services:
    WebStats is a way to track your website visitors in realtime with full respect of privacy. An alternative to Google analytics.
    SmartURL is a way to stay in control of your links for shortening, targeting, and tracking.
    Both services can be tried for FREE.

  • Dec 23 2022
    Introducing VigiKiosk 1.0 and VigiServer 1.0

    VigiKiosk is a perfect companion of WebKiosk! It's a way to monitor your kiosks remotely to make sure they are working correctly. 
    VigiServer is a similar product but optimized for supervision of Mac servers. You can even send remote AppleScript to a computer.

  • Dec 12 2022
    Introducing SpamOut 1.0

    We are very happy to introduce a new app called SpamOut for macOS, Windows and Linux. It's a solution to fight spammers. Emails containing some sentences or some email addresses can be automatically deleted. Download the trial version!

  • Dec 09 2022
    MultiTime 1.3 is available

    The dedicated app to post on multiple social networks with text or image snippets is updated. Check the changelog
    Windows and Linux versions are also available.

  • Dec 09 2022
    WebDesk 2.1.2 is available

    The web browser optimized for employees and students safety is getting an update. Check the changelog
    Windows and Linux versions are also available.

  • Nov 23 2022
    WebKiosk 8.2 is available for macOS and Windows

    Our app designed for internet kiosks in public spaces is more powerful and more reliable than ever with the integration of a web server. 
    We are also offering a Windows version for the first time!
    Check the changelog to learn more.

  • Nov 08 2022
    MultiTime 1.2 is available

    MultiTime is a way to concentrate on multiple social networks or websites. You can add multiple columns and each column is an independent web browser. You can define the width of columns and the content for each column from preferences. With version 1.2, can now manage an unlimited number of text snippets and image assets. A windows version is also available.

  • Oct 28 2022
    Introducing WinProline

    After building apps for the Mac platform for more than 15 years, we are happy to start building apps for the Windows platform too. Why? First, it's a regular request of customers that have often a mix of computers but also because we like the direction of Microsoft with Windows 11. Our first products are available.

  • Oct 21 2022
    We are ready for macOS 13 Ventura

    All our applications have been tested on the final version of macOS Ventura and everything is working fine. 
    macOS 13 Ventura will be available as a free update on October 24, 2022. 
    DataMac 3.1, WebDesk 2.1 and WebKiosk 8.1 are fully optimized, available today.

  • Oct 20 2022
    InfoMenu 1.2 is available

    Our freeware to get useful information of your Mac just got updated.

  • Oct 10 2022
    Introducing DataMac 3

    Monitor multiple Mac computers or servers. This is a complete rewrite with a powerful and modern engine. You can also manage the inventory of your Macs. Download the trial version (you can monitor up to two computers with it)

  • Oct 06 2022
    Introducing WebDesk 2

    The web browser to protect employees is now better than ever. This app was born few years ago but we cancelled it because the technologies to build it right were not enough strong. Things changed, technologies are way better so we are introducing version 2 of WebDesk. You can protect employees safety, improve their productivity. Downloads are blocked by default. You can customize the user interface, create a white list of URLs, block the usage of Safari and much more.

  • Sep 29 2022
    Introducing WebKiosk 8

    The full screen web browser for internet kiosks. This is a complete rewrite with a modern engine and a new user interface. New affordable pricing. Requires macOS 11 or a better version. Version 7 is renamed WebKiosk Classic. All customers of MacPodium or xStand will see a free license of WebKiosk 7 Classic on the licenses page.

  • Sep 26 2022
    New product names and versions

    To be more consistent with our new cross-platform strategy and provide a better experience, we changed the name of many apps:

    MacPlanner is now EasyGantt.
    MacPlanner MindMap is now VisuMind
    MacPodium is now WebKiosk.
    MacZoom is now DataMac

  • Aug 12 2022
    New website

    Today, we are very happy to release an updated version of our website. 

    NOTE: if you had an account in the past, you need to create a new one. We fully support Apple Sign In service for privacy, simplicity and security.

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