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EasyGantt 4.2

Get things done in a visual way

The biggest strength of EasyGantt: simplicity and reliability.

Our customers are located around the world. They love our solution for many reasons. The primary one is the ability to manage any project in a couple of minutes.

Born in 2010, our app is used and trusted by hundred of thousands of professionals. You can create Gantt charts without scratching your head. We focus our attention on the features that the majority of project managers actually use. In addition, the generated charts are visually appealing. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Former names of the app: xPlan, MacPlanner.


Easy to try, easy to buy

EasyGantt is very affordable as we want customers of previous versions to enjoy it.
We have amazing discounts based on quantities.

After downloading and playing with the trial version,
you can unlock all features by purchasing a license.

Manage any project

You are an architect, a wedding planner or a project manager? EasyGantt can handle any project. We are always surprised by new customers.

Easy to use

We only focus on the most used features of project management. EasyGantt is intuitive and fun to use.

Create tasks, milestones

You can even create dependencies between tasks. It's as easy as drawing a link between tasks on the Gantt view.

Manage resources

You can assign tasks to resources and enter any type of resource (human or material)

Manage the cost

For each task, you can assign a fixed cost or a cost related to a resource. You can even assign a budget to your project.

View reports

The app is featuring a report view useful to get the most important information of a project. You can share it per email.


Our customers are located around the world, and they love our solution for many reasons. The primary one is the ability to manage any project in a couple of minutes. Some examples:

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Only way to get a discount for quantities.

Number of licenses 2 3 to 10 11 to 50 51 and +
Discount in percentage -20% -35% -45% -55%


Wear a T-Shirt with EasyGantt branding


Add a sticker to your Mac or car.

Features list
Platform Mac
Operating system macOS 10.12 or +
Optimized Intel & Apple Silicon
Full dark mode support
Tasks, group of tasks (called process), Milestones
Percentage of completion for tasks and group of tasks
Resources assigment (humans, materials)
Cost management (budget, cost per task)
Report view with multiple options
Gantt view with browsing options
Events management (special line on the calendar)
Critical path display
Dependencies between tasks with 4 options
Attach documents to tasks (copy added to the project)
Resources on calendar view (easy view of assignment)
Compatible Microsoft Project (XML format)

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Check Frequently Asked Questions. We are adding new topics very often.

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