History of changes for SpamOut | WebKiosk | WebDesk | EasyGantt | MultiTime | InfoMenu | MyDock

  • Oct 21
    Version 3.1.0

    - Ready for macOS 13 Ventura (tested, optimized)
    - New crash management (you can send a report and the app will not crash in most cases)
    - New option in preferences to automatically start the app at launch of the Mac (only for the Agent app)
    - Support of monitoring computers running WebKiosk 8.1 (full integration of DataMac Agent app)
    - Integration of a password assistant for more secure passwords
    - Integration of "Check for Update…" menu option with a powerful auto-update engine (located in preferences for the Agent app)
    - Improved performance and reliability

  • Oct 17
    Version 3.0.1

    - Option to copy value to the clipboard
    - New option for quick access from the menu bar
    - Improved export to CVS format
    - The Agent app is returning the correct public IP and location

  • Oct 10
    Version 3.0

    - Complete rewrite of (formerly MacZoom)
    - Powerful new engine able to scale
    - Native apps to send data (DataMac Agent) and monitor computers (DataMac Monitor)

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