We love working with these technologies

Web Development

We are experts of ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is the best CMS for dynamic websites

With ExpressionEngine (also called eecms), we can build the website of your dream. The main concept of a CMS (Content Management System) is great. One database to manage the content and HTML templates to display the content, depending on conditions. Thanks to powerful tags and a great user interface, it's easy to customize any page with your needs. We are building websites with eecms since more than 10 years, including this one.

Compatible with many servers

Linux or macOS? You choose. ExpressionEngine is easy to install, and compatible with most versions of PHP, including the new version 8. We can also do the setup for you.

High performance & secure

ExpressionEngine reputation is strong. It's trusted by many fortune 500 companies. With the latest version of MySQL, you can handle a large number of users.

Easy to use

The control panel of eecms is deligthful to use and powerful, easy to customize for your needs. With access roles, you can setup the available functions for each type of individual.

Many options with add-ons

We can extend the functionalites of your website with hundred of add-ons taking care of internationalization, shopping, image processing and more. What is your need?

App Development

We are only using Swift language for native apps on Mac, iPad, iPhone or the Apple Watch

Swift is the modern Java

Swift language is very modern and simple to use. It allows developers to build high performance apps for Apple platforms but also for web servers. Yes, Swift language can also be used on a web server like Java. IBM is taking care of this version with Bluemix services. SwiftUI is a new generation tool made by Apple to simplify the creation of apps. Feel free to contact us for your next project.

Open Source

Since the beginning, Swift language is open source. It's allowing the community of developers to contribute for ideas, stability and performance. The language allows developers to build apps on many platforms, including Windows!

High performance & modern

Swift language was born in 2014, it's a modern language, very powerful and stable. Apple is no longer making breaking changes so it's time to upgrade your Objective-C project with it. We can help to do it.

We are ready to help

With our experience of this technology, we can solve your problem or help to build your ideas.